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Socio-economic aspects

A successful CORSAIR project will ensure a strong strategic impact and will have clear socioeconomic benefits within the next five to ten years by contributing to:

  • enhancing the European aeronautical industry competitiveness;
  • enhancing the European competitiveness in all Cold Spray technology platform;
  • enhancing the European employment;
  • meeting societal needs for more environmental-friendly, safer and efficient air transport;
  • meeting societal needs for more environmental friendly manufacturing

In the strictest sense, relative to operational and logistical considerations, there are a number of additional perspectives, from which these benefits can be analysed, including reduced scheduled maintenance requirements.

In fact, if scheduled maintenance, including inspection and repair activities, can be reduced, the required supporting infrastructure (i.e., NDE/I equipment, repair equipment, manpower, and materials) may be reduced as well.