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Enhancement of SME growth in the high-tech EU cluster

Powder Manufacturing

Powder metallurgy routes are actually fundamental in the development of next generation materials both for applications in aeronautical but also in mechanics, automotive, mechatronic. For this reason the market opportunity for powder manufacturing companies is becoming more and more important and in this sense the flexibility and high experience in customization will represent an important competitive advantage in the supply of feedstock materials.

Cold Spray Deposition System Manufacturers

The aeronautic industry is a great market opportunity to consolidate the leadership of EU in the development, manufacturing and supply of Cold Spray Deposition Systems (Impact Innovation) in order to provide competitive advantages both to end-users, as well as to in process development and optimization.

High Tech Materials Science R&D and Networking

Very often industrial partners require High Tech Consultancy and Services for example in terms of materials characterization, R&D consultancy and opportunities, scientific and technological support, networking and dissemination. Partnerships with fast, flexible and high experienced SMEs (also in the form of spinoff companies) are very important to boost the R&D and innovation in EU.