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Contributing to EU excellence

The European Aerospace industry is a strategic industrial field for the EU to maintain a leadership position in the global market. It is a sector where competition continuously becomes stronger and stronger, involving new actors able to play an important role. In this area, MRO-related technologies have an important role in determining the grade of competitiveness of Europe.

Although Cold Spray offers obvious advantages for the repair of light-metal alloy parts, and the leading global Cold Spray equipment manufacturer is the German company CGT GmbH, the European Research Area (ERA) is actually behindhand in terms of the development of applications using the Cold Spray process.

Outside a core of German activity (MTU, Lufthansa, EADS, Praxair), the European aerospace sector seriously lags North America and Australia in terms of Cold Spray technology readiness, as evidenced, for example, by the fact that unlike USA, Europe has no relevant Cold Spray process, materials or manufacturing-related Cold Spray standard. More specifically, in the last 5 years, several organisations (e.g. the US Army Research Laboratory (US ARL) and the Australian Military) have funded major programmes to qualify the repair of helicopter engine gearboxes using Cold Spray deposition.