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Applications of the CORSAIR project

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The initial applications of Cold Spraying have been in the repair of aluminum alloy components, but recently the deposition of coatings of alloys of Ti is also being investigated. Further research can show promising potentials for new and advanced repair opportunities in aeronautics.

Currently, Cold Spray repairs are limited to a few non-structural (non-load-bearing) parts in Al and Mg alloys, where the requirements for the repair operations are relatively simple.

Many technological challenges still need to be overcome before they can be used for aerospace repairs. This requires a deep and systematic investigation into the deposition process, the powder feedstock materials, as well as new and tailored advancements in equipment design. All these considerations are necessary in order to fully develop, apply and validate the Cold Spray technology for aerospace applications.

CORSAIR aims to introduce Cold Spray as an advanced technique for the repair of corroded metallic parts by deposition of metal coatings, combining the beneficial effects of

  • mitigation of corrosion of the parts and
  • avoidance of toxic chemicals often employed to protect metal parts such as special varnishes and filling patches.

These would contribute in the elimination of toxic chemicals and materials (greening) as well as in the avoidance/mitigation of structural corrosion (safety).