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Aims and objectives of the CORSAIR project

About this imageDefect of 40mm wide and 3mm depth. Courtesy of NAU KHAI.

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The CORSAIR consortium was developed specifically with the aims of better understanding the capabilities of the technique, confirming the reliability of the deposition processes and deposited materials, and improving the performance and flexibility of the existing Cold Spray deposition systems.

The ultimate goal of the CORSAIR project is to develop Cold Spray repair technologies that will overcome the limitations of existing repair technologies in the aerospace industry (such as TIG welding and plasma spraying), thereby making it possible to repair a much wider range of defects than is currently possible, at a lower cost and with less environmental impact.

The primary objectives and related tasks of CORSAIR are:

  • To explore the real capabilities of Cold Spray in several practical examples of aeronautical repair applications
  • To thoroughly investigate the coating and repair characteristics (mechanical, microstructural, thermal and chemical properties)
  • To thoroughly investigate the effects and the characteristics of feedstock materials required for deposition and to define the optimized characteristics for the supply
  • To give the required reliability to the coating deposition and repair processes to allow a full validation of the technology for aeronautical industry
  • To surpass the actual technological limitations of line-in-sight Cold Spray deposition process developing new nozzles for out-of-view surfaces
  • To develop a New Industrial Portable Cold Spray Unit to extend the capabilities of in-situ maintenance and repair applications