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Added value research

The progress beyond the state of art provided by CORSAIR project is related to the definition of New Repair Solutions that will be achieved by providing a Full-Process-Investigation and involving all the topics and knowledge of the Cold Spray repair operations from the feedstock, to the deposition system and process.

The Cold Spray international community is actually aware that only through a full investigation including all the steps of the process chain, it will be possible to surpass the actual state of art obtaining real innovations and improvements in Cold Spray coatings and repair performances.

Concerning the topics planned in CORSAIR, activities are related to and study the development of:

  • innovative and more effective predictive process models
  • the optimisation and customization of the powder production procedures
  • new technological improvements and new deposition system and finally
  • innovative, fully-reliable Cold Spray Protocols both for improving the applicability of materials actually at state-of the art (such as aluminium alloys) and in the case of completely New Materials for Cold Spray and also other technologies (such as Magnesium alloys)