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About Cold Spray

About this imageFeedstock mixture of Al and Ti powder for cold gas dynamic spray (CGDS). Copyright: CORE-Materials

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Cold Spray is a relatively new technology. While being a member of the family of thermal spraying, its key characteristic is the very low temperatures of deposition. The powder feedstock is not melted, hence avoiding problems arising from oxidation or thermal decomposition.

In contrast with other repair techniques such as welding, there is also no HAZ (Heat Affected Zone) at the interface between the base component being repaired and the repaired area itself. Furthermore, the low deposition temperature provides a low level of coating residual stresses developed during the post-deposition cooling down, allowing the growth of highly adherent metal-based coatings to thickness that are almost unlimited.

In Cold Spray, no chemicals, fuels or toxic gases are used (only nitrogen or in a few cases helium gas), there is low power consumption, and the grit blasting surface preparation is quick and clean.

Thanks to these peculiar characteristics and as more research is done to develop it further, the use of Cold Spray as a non-invasive and environmentally friendly advanced repair technique is expanding.