Project duration and activities

The activities of the CORSAIR project are being organized across a three-year period in order to realize a deep investigation upon the capabilities and limitations of Cold Spray repair technology in aeronautics. In particular, the following schedule will take place:

YEAR 1: WP1 (Roadmap and selection of materials and components) involves the contribution of almost all partners and is focused on the definition of the typology and requirements for the aeronautical parts to be repaired by coldspray. WP2 (Process simulation and nozzle design) involves the realisation of the models to give the basis for technological developments. The Laboratory Activities for the optimisation of Coldspray Deposition Process on representative specimens are subdivided in two WPs depending on the different class of alloys: Al and Mg alloys (WP5) and Titanium alloys (WP6). WP4 (Optimisation of powder process manufacturing) also starts on the first half of YEAR 1.

YEAR 2: The second year of activities will condense the final results of concluding activities in powder manufacturing processes as well in the laboratory deposition (WP4, WP5, WP6) and in the realization of a new portable plant devoted to the in-situ repairs (WP3). During the fourth semester of the project it is expected to start the real heart of the project represented by the implementation of “New Repair Solutions” by the realization and optimization of coldspray deposition on selected aeronautical components (WP7).

YEAR 3: All the third year activities are devoted to the completion of the new repair solutions phase by carrying out the deposition tests (WP7) and the validation (WP8) performed by aeronautical companies, following the different guidelines and procedures for the quality assurance.