Standards and prototypes

One of the main objectives of CORSAIR is to develop a New Industrial Portable Cold Spray Unit to extend the capabilities of in-situ maintenance and repair applications. Combining the improvements of new designed nozzles and thanks to the consolidated knowledge of IMPACT Innovations in designing Cold Spray deposition systems, the consortium will realize a new high-performances portable unit.

This system will be tested within the project and practical repairs will be carried out directly at aeronautical company sites.

The new portable Cold Spray unit developed by IMPACT Innovations will be used initially, while research will be held for the realization of Cold Spray repairs following the deposition protocols defined during WP5 and WP6. The repair operations may be carried out both at the laboratory sites of IMPACT Innovations and/or directly at aeronautical companies sites, thus moving the portable Cold Spray unit and key personnel (IMP, EADS, AVIO, IBERIA) as required.

Some specimens for process validation will be deposited in the same deposition run, in order to perform the required characterisation tests according to the defined guidelines. A commercial Spraying System (Dymet 403) available at KhAI and Veneto Nanotech may be used by KHAI, in order to give a comparison between the performances obtained with the new system against the actual state of art solutions of available systems.

A WP is dedicated to the development of guidelines and standards for the industrial applications of Cold Spray employing the new portable equipment. This result will be available for general use and for different industrial fields, while it will also contribute to enhancing the quality of European standards in the field of surface engineering.