WP9: Dissemination and exploitation of the results

Lead by: EASN-TIS
Duration: June 2013 – November 2016 (M01-M42)

The main objectives of this WP are the effective and sustainable dissemination of knowledge among and beyond the members of the consortium (during and beyond the life time of the project), as well as the promotion of the exploitable foreground of the CORSAIR results.

Activities will be led by the Dissemination Manager (EASN-TIS) and the Exploitation Manager (TWI) and practiced by all partners. These will be realized in major exhibitions, journal and media publications, conference and seminar presentations. WP9 will also care to report about such activities and to provide adequate and effective protection of knowledge created in the project, having due regard to the legitimate interests of the contractors concerned and their Intellectual Property Rights.

In particular the following parallel axes will be followed:


Interaction between consortium members will enable the exploitation of specific technologies through the leading industrial participants by incorporating new technology into future products.

A contact point will be established, informing aeronautical stakeholders about the project and the partners’ activities in the context of the project mainly on the EU level in Brussels. Participation in relevant meetings and events will allow presenting the CORSAIR research.

Finally, contacts will be made with SME’s and industry representatives for the presentation and possible exploitation of the project results.


This website is one of the main communication tools for educating the wider audience upon the CORSAIR research, impact and results.

Regularly press releases, newsletters, posters, flyers and other publications will also ensure constant updates and information transfer to the targeted groups (scientific, industrial, etc.

Furthermor, WP9 will look into exploiting the CORDIS and the AEROPORTAL databases towards providing support in technology transfer, as well as various EU communication channels for reaching out to the broad scientific community and European citizens.

In the end, an international workshop/colloquium will be organized in order to promote and disseminate the coldspray advances in the aeronautical industry.


The activities related to the CORSAIR research are being organized in the following Work Packages (WPs):