WP10: Project management and co-ordination

Lead by: POLIMI
Duration: June 2013 – November 2016 (M01-M42)

WP10 challenge is to ensure the correct management of CORSAIR and the active collaboration among the 13 partners towards the on-time achievement of the expected project’s objectives. More specifically, WP10’s aims are:

  • To ensure the communication between partners and the co-ordination of actions
  • To secure the achievement of project objectives by monitoring the activity
  • To communicate activity progress by reporting and issuing of deliverables and milestones
  • To inform the Commission of progress made
  • To ensure the best use of the project resources
  • To optimise the power of the project team

The project coordinator (PC), Mario Guagliano from POLIMI, will be the interface between the consortium and the European Commission and will be responsible for the day-by-day co-ordination of the project. He will consolidate the project planning, progress reports, milestone reports, cost statements and budgetary overviews using the input from other partners and will co-ordinate the communication among them. The PC will be responsible for chairing the Steering Committee (SC) meetings, which will be essential for the global control and achievement of the project objectives. The coordinator will also be responsible for interactions with related projects and networks and international associations reporting back to the Project Steering Committee (PSC).

Monitoring of the activities will be ensured by the organization and management structures of the project. The task leaders have an important role in maintaining a permanent contact between participants regarding achievement of the task objectives. The deliverables identify requirements of communication between different partners or between the consortium and the target industry. Milestones mark appropriate scheduling of the deliverables. Information affecting the overall project management will be communicated through the steering committee every six months by protocols of the SC meetings. The PC will ensure that all monitoring information is up to date and the required project reports are completed and circulated to all partners prior to sending to the Commission. A yearly progress report will be delivered after each 12 months of the project.


The activities related to the CORSAIR research are being organized in the following Work Packages (WPs):