Scientific methodology and work packages

In order to cope with complexity, the CORSAIR consortium will be divided into three technical teams, each one focusing on a key area regarding Cold Spray technology.

At the same time, the definition of the typology and requirements of the aeronautical parts to be repaired by coldspray (WP1) will involve all technical partners towards road-mapping and selecting materials and components.

The conclusive findings of the above will be implemented in “New Repair Solutions”, towards realization and optimization of Cold Spray deposition on selected aeronautic components (WP7). In turn, findings from this research will be validated (WP8) against quality assurance guidelines, in both in-situ and ex-situ repairs.

In addition, two activities are running in parallel to the above. These are the Dissemination and Exploitation of the research realized (WP9) and the Management of the overall activities and results (WP10).


The activities related to the CORSAIR research are being organized in the following Work Packages (WPs):