Concept and Motivations

Despite the development of advanced composite components in aeronautics, metal alloys are still necessary for the development of aircraft parts able to sustain demanding in-flight conditions. This is however a rather demanding industry and the creation of new metal-based alloy components has serious impacts in both the environment and the financial permeability of airline companies.

As a result, maintenance and repair operations (MRO) gain great attention in order to ensure that minimum waste is produced from old planes, flight damages or even parts failing quality management.

Currently there is a grand selection of maintenance and repair techniques being applied in aeronautic components, which however present limitations, challenges and even malicious side-effects on the parts being repaired. The need for a reliable and sustainable alternative is required in order to:

  • provide cost-efficient solutions
  • enhance green technologies and environmental-friendly operations
  • be human-oriented, in the sense that toxic fumes and chemicals should be avoided
  • overcome current challenges related to the material structures’ re-shaping and re-organization occuring during maintenance and repair processes

CORSAIR partners are exploring and validating the capabilities of Cold Spray in several practical examples of aeronautical repair applications. In particular, the application of cold spray as repairing technique for structural elements is being investigated by means of a wide series of experimental microstructural analysis and mechanical tests. The CORSAIR research works on developing Cold Spray applications whichl overcome the limitations of existing repair technologies in the aerospace industry (such as TIG welding and plasma spraying).

A thoroughly investigation on the characteristics of coating, repair and feedstock materials is realized towards surpassing the actual technological limitations of line-in-sight Cold Spray deposition methods, and providing the required reliability to the coating deposition and repair processes. The research considers a multiscale approach aimed at finding the optimal process parameters, as a function of the application of interest. This allows for a full validation of the Cold Spray repairing technology for the aeronautical industry.

The motivations and considerations behind the concept of the CORSAIR project are described in greater detail on the side (click on the images to read the corresponding articles):

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