Expected Impact

A successful CORSAIR project will ensure a strong strategic impact and will have clear socio-economic benefits within the next five to ten years.

The CORSAIR research will enable repairing a much wider range of defects, across a wider range of elements, even with a structural function. This offers more repairing capabilities than it is currently possible, at a lower cost and with less environmental impact.

In the strictest sense, relative to operational and logistical improvements, an additional benefit from the innovative CORSAIR technology includes the reduction of the scheduled maintenance requirements.

The project results will lead towards an improved reliability and mechanical strength of airplane components by the development of new customized and optimized coatings.

CORSAIRS’s new environment- and human-oriented solutions will also enhance the green development of EU aeronautical industry by offering more responsible and efficient use of energy and resources, carbon footprint reduction by extending the lifetime and reuse of components, as well as safer and more efficient air transport.

The expected impact of the project is briefly described in the following points (click on the images to read the corresponding articles):