The CORSAIR Project

Today, deep and systematic research in Cold Spray is required to better understand its full capacities and range of applications.

CORSAIR represents a wide investigation concerning the capabilities of Cold Spray Technology for maintenance and repair of aeronautical frames and components.

This investigation starts from the state of the art of the currently available processes and technologies in aeronautics including the current Cold Spray applications and pointing out the more critical aspects and objectives which need to be achieved in order to attain a more cost-effective and eco-sustainable maintenance and disposal approach.

The consortium is of the view that Cold Spray Technology could be the instrument for achieving these objectives in the case of light metallic alloys (Ti, Al, Mg) parts and components, and may represent a valid green solution for aeronautical maintenance and disposal. In addition to exploring viable and eco-friendly repair techniques, CORSAIR introduces the capability of in-situ repairs, which further enhances the ecological benefits of the project.Plasma Atomised Metal Powder, Courtesy of LPW Technology

CORSAIR brought together 13 partners to explore the capabilities of Cold Spray and validate the technology as an important process in maintenance and repair applications in aeronautics.

The CORSAIR research is unfolded across a 42-month, following a bottom-up approach.

  • In YEAR 1 a preliminary research has constituted the foundation of the overall development, where road-maps of the optimally fit components and materials have been created.
  • In YEAR 2 the preliminary research concluded its activities and the real heart of the project, “New Repair Solutions”, was initiated.
  • In YEAR 3 (and up to Month 42) the “New Repair Solutions” research are being finalized and validated against guidelines and procedures for quality assurance.