Veneto Nanotech // VN

Company Profile

Veneto Nanotech is a Research Organization established in 2003 by the Universities of Padua, Venice and Verona as well as by the Veneto Region in cooperation with the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MIUR), numerous public institutions and private companies, aiming at coordinating the initiatives and at unifying the strategic vision of the Italian Nanotechnology Cluster. Veneto Nanotech’s goal is to carry out R&D activities, mainly in the field of materials science and surface engineering focusing their study in the effects of nanostructure in materials properties. Veneto Nanotech is in particular involved in the development of innovative materials, processes and products of industrial interest, to the technological transfer of these products to industries, to familiarize companies with nanotechnologies promoting process and product innovation as well as the creation of high-tech companies.

Furthermore, Veneto Nanotech aims at fostering and developing private investments in research and at supporting high-tech centres for the development of research projects and promotion of high-tech transfer. There are currently about 80 researchers involved in the 3 different facilities of VN: NanoFab, a 3500m2 laboratory equipped with: vacuum plasma, atmospheric plasma, solgel, hybrid coatings, polymer coatings, Cold Spray, polymer nanocomposites, powder sintering, chemical and bio-chemical nanosensors and microarrays. Nanofab Laboratory and in particular Powder Metallurgy and Cold Spray divisions are the subjects involved in CORSAIR initiative. The Nanofab characterisation Laboratory is constituted of about 80 equipments for the characterisation of materials properties with special interest to surface properties (scanning probe microscopy, optical, electronic microscopy, micro and nano-indentation, wear tests, electrochemical characterisation, etc.).

Veneto Nanotech s.c.p.a.
Via San Crispino 106
35129 Padova, Italy

Main Contribution to CORSAIR

Veneto Nanotech acts as scientific coordinator as well as leader of WP5 and will contribute to all the WP of the project. Veneto Nanotech, will realise coldspray deposition and surface engineering of powders to produce innovative coatings. VN will collaborate in coating characterisation activities especially metallurgical and mechanical characterisation. Moreover VN will contribute to produce the experiments to validate the coldspray modelling performing the in-flight velocity evaluation of the particles.