Universidad Rey Juan Carlos //URJC

Company Profile

Rey Juan Carlos University is an academic institution dedicated to academic education and research. The Mechanical Technology Department, participating in CORSAIR, is located at the technological Campus of Móstoles within the School of Experimental Science. The participants in CORSAIR belong to DIMME research group and have a solid experience in mechanical characterization of thermal coatings by using depth sensing indentation and in the analysis of tribological performance of light alloys and its composites. This group has also studied the microstructure of coatings with applications at high temperature and its evolution after exposure at simulated operating conditions.

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Calle Tulipán s/n.
28933 Móstoles, Madrid, Spain
URL: http://www.urjc.es
URL: http://www.mecanica.escet.urjc.es/

Main Contribution to CORSAIR

The main contribution to CORSAIR from the Rey Juan Carlos University group is the characterization of the coatings processed by cold spray during the project. Rey Juan Carlos University group will analyze de microstructure, the corrosion and oxidation resistance and the mechanical performance of the coatings. Materials processed with standard commercial systems and also by innovative systems and nozzle will be studied. The microstructural characterization of coatings will include the detailed analysis of the fine microstructure by transmission electron microscopy. The mechanical properties of the coatings will be analyzed by depth sensing indentation using nanoindentation methods. In addition, the tribological performance of the coatings will be studied. Finally, the resistance to chemical attack at high temperature, simulating the operating conditions, will be evaluated by degradation tests. These analyses will permit to correlate the sequence processing parameters-microstructure-coatings performance.