Company Profile

TWI is a global leader in technology engineering providing research and consultancy to its members. Based in Cambridge, UK, since 1946, with a long history of invention and innovation and several offices around the globe, TWI is respected for its expertise, professionalism, impartiality and confidentiality, and works with the most influential companies worldwide across all industry sectors. Expert in all aspects of materials joining and related technologies, including thermal spray and cold spray, TWI has been active in the field of thermal spray coating application development and technology transfer to industry for 20 years and has a fully equipped workshop with commercial flame, arc, plasma and HVOF systems.

In 2007, TWI installed a state-of-the-art mechanised Kinetiks® 4000/47 cold spray system and has been very active in the assessment of the technology ( and applications development in the aerospace sector including repair of fan case frames, fan blades and landing gear, working with Mg, Al, Ni and Ti alloys. During 2009-2010, TWI managed a multi-partner Joint Industry Project on the development of wear and corrosion resistant cold spray coatings, funded by 8 industrial sponsors including Lockheed Martin, Messier-Dowty and Rolls-Royce.

Granta Park, Great Abington
Cambridge CB21 6 AL, UK

Main Contribution to CORSAIR

TWI’s main role in the project is to produce cold spray coated test coupons and aeronautic components for the consortium partners, to undertake more specific application related testing using the Kinetiks® 4000/47 CS system and to provide an independent assessment of the portable cold spray that will be developed within CORSAIR. TWI will also characterise the coatings produced (microstructure, adhesion, cohesion) and contribute to post-deposition treatment (such as heat treatment or laser processing) if required.

With its experience in the development of cold spray applications and network of contacts (through workshops and conferences across the globe), TWI will be able to provide detailed input to the technology roadmap and advise the industrial partners on selection of target applications. TWI will also contribute to the preparation and contents of the guideline documents and dissemination of the project results.