Company Profile

METALogic N.V. offers a wide variety of products and services for monitoring material degradation phenomena in general and corrosion in particular. The company’s expertise in 3 areas related to corrosion, materials investigation and coatings leads the development of tailor-made solutions for problems in the area of materials research and corrosion control. METALogic has its own lab equipped with standard equipment to perform metallurgical and failure analysis and several electrochemical testing either following particular standards or specifically developed to study a unique problem.

METALogic N.V.
Research Park Haasrode 1026
Technologielaan 11
Heverlee 3001, Belgium

Main Contribution to CORSAIR

METALogic will make use of the following expertise during the project: (1) Basic materials and materials degradation knowledge, (2) Electrochemical monitoring techniques, (3) Environmental testing of materials and (4) Modelling of corrosion evolution and remaining lifetime prediction. The ultimate role of METALogic shall be to understand how the deposition parameters influence the microstructure and corrosion performance of the repaired surfaces so that process optimization can be guided based on sound knowledge and the required quality standards for the repaired parts are achieved in an efficient manner.