Airbus Defence and Space S.A

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Military Aircraft of Airbus Defence and Space is the only military and humanitarian transport aircraft manufacturer to develop, produce, sell and support a comprehensive family of airlifters ranging from three to 37 tonnes of payload. Airbus Defence and Space is fully responsible for the A400M programme, as well as for the military tanker transport (MRTT) derivative of the A330, which can be fitted with an in-house developed state-of-the art flight refuelling boom (ARBS) unique in its kind.

It is also responsible for any future military derivative of civil Airbus platforms. With the C-295, CN-235 and C-212, Airbus Defence and Space is the global leader in the market segments for light and medium-sized military transport aircraft with some 650 flying with more than 100 operators worldwide. The C-295, CN-235 and C-212 have their corresponding MPA versions.

Other products of Military Aircraft of Airbus Defence and Space includes:

  • Eurofighter. The only fighter to offer wide-ranging operational capabilities whilst delivering unparalleled fleet effectiveness
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). UAS for joint armed forces can fulfil a wide range of civil and military missions, from surveillance to sensitive peacekeeping.
  • Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (CISR) aircraft. Flexible and capable aircraft for maritime patrol, search and rescue, airborne early warning and anti-submarine warfare.

Main sites of Airbus Defence and Space in Spain are

  • Getafe (Madrid) where the civil Airbus platforms are converted into Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) aircraft and the final assembly of Eurofighter and assembly of the wing is performed, and the engineering office is placed. Also a MRO is located in Getafe.
  • San Pablo close to Sevilla, where the complete production and final assembly of the CN-235 and C-295 takes place in an all new facility next to the A400M Final Assembly Line opened in 2007. MRO for the transport aircraft is placed also here
  • Tablada (Seville) and CBC (Cadiz) where the aerostructures, both for military and civil aircraft use are manufactured, assembled and equipped

Airbus DS, Military Aircraft
Avenida de Aragon 404
28002 Madrid, Spain


Main Contribution to CORSAIR

Airbus Defence and Space S.A. is an industrial partner involved in selection of materials and components and manufacturing parts to be used as samples for Cold Spray deposition improvement. It will also be tested that the depositions complain with quality requirements. Therefore, it will play the role of element/parts supplier and end-user of the elements object of this project, with requirements and tests.