Airbus Group Innovations

Company Profile


Airbus Group Innovations is the corporate network of research centers of Airbus Group. A highly skilled workforce of more than 800 is operating the laboratories that guarantee Airbus Group’s technical innovation potential with a focus on the long-term. The structure of the network and the teams within Airbus Group Innovations are organized in global and transnational Technical Capabilities Centers.

Within CORSAIR, Airbus Group Innovations´s activities will be under supervision of the Technical Capability Center “Metals and Chemical Engineering” headed by Dr. Claudio Dalle Donne. Our main strategic topic for the future will be “The Green Aircraft”. Under that synonym everything of environmentally benign and sustainability is important and of interest to our company. The surface technology e.g. the coating systems have an important influence on the structure of an aircraft. Resource efficient repair techniques will become more and more of interest to our divisions in times where cost efficiency and scarcity of raw materials play an important role in current manufacturing. Due to our own laboratories coating equipment and testing devices that are part of our department since more than 30 years, a wide expertise is predominant.

Airbus Group (AGI)
Willy.Messerschmitt Strasse
Ottobrunn, Germany


Main Contribution to CORSAIR


Airbus Group Innovations will carry out coating experiments using cold spray systems (stationary system as well as a mobile in-situ system). Characterization and evaluation of the coatings and reflecting them to state of the art repair techniques like HVOF is one of the tasks. Others are defining aeronautical parts and selecting them within the CORSAIR consortium to be repaired with the new cold spray technique. Communication to end-users and the attempt to transfer and integrate in-situ cold spray systems within Airbus Group.